Green 3 was founded in 2006, and at that time we began selling our products to retail store owners across the country. During that time, we were fortunate to meet many other great small business owners who were doing the very same thing. As we grew, we began selling our products directly to consumers via e-commerce and our own retail stores.

Now, in 2019, we are pulling together a curated product offering of not only our own brand, but of some of those other brands that we really like and admire.

All the brands in The Green 3 Collection share similar philosophies to the ones that Green 3 was founded on. Most notably, all the companies presented here are family owned, often multi-generational. All the companies are in the United States, with many located in Wisconsin. All the companies have been creating jobs in the US, with most being in small towns where work can sometimes be tough to come by. All the companies have social and/or environmental initiatives that are key to their businesses. Most of the companies either produce their products in the United States or are Fair Trade. And lastly, all the companies produce beautiful high-quality products.

We at Green 3 really like these brands, these families, and these products. We hope you do too!