One Fifth

web-banner-one-fifth-logo.jpgWhat is One Fifth?

The name One Fifth came directly from the fact that one fifth of all the fresh water in the world is contained within the Great Lakes. One Fifth is a lifestyle brand that is launching with men’s apparel, but will expand to women’s apparel, accessories for men’s and women’s, and soft home. The brand is inspired by the Great Lakes and reflects five key elements: recreation, conservation, exploration, education, and restoration. These elements are expressed in the product thru materials, processes, graphics and patterns, as well as corporate initiatives related to sustainability, social responsibility, and charitable contributions. One Fifth provides our customers with products that perform at the highest standard, utilize raw materials and processes that are environmentally friendly, embraces a supply chain that is socially responsible and has an aesthetic that is elevated and understated. The look and function of the products are fit for recreational activities related to the Great Lakes like boating, hiking, bird watching, kayaking, shopping farmers markets, taste-testing micro breweries, urban exploration, and many, many more. 
What’s special about the product?

The One Fifth sportswear collection looks amazing, fits great, and wicks moisture away from your body. The jersey knit fabric is soft and fits great on all body types. Printed with the patented PolyHD printing process, the print is super soft and completely breathable. Perfect for any outdoor activity or for casual wear. The garment is imported, but the design, screen print and finishing is done in the USA. The tee is easy care, allowing you to machine wash and dry without worry.
Imported? What?
We launched the Green 3 brand with a focus on sustainable products made in the USA. That will never change. What we have found during our 12 year journey is that sustainability and domestic production are probably more important now than it was when we started. We have also found that social responsibility, creating jobs at home, multi generational family businesses, education, innovation, high quality, growing business in our home state (Wisconsin) are also equally admirable things. With this in mind, Green 3 has begun to develop a curated collection of brands that reflect all of the things we believe in, and One Fifth is the first of these brands.

Key to the One Fifth product is a printing process called PolyHD. PolyHD printing is a patented printing process that allows for a superior look and feel, while also being environmentally responsible. All PolyHD prints have zero hand feel, resulting in an incredibly soft garment. Additionally, PolyHD printing does not impact the performance of the fabric.  This means that garments printed with PolyHD will provide uninhibited moisture wicking, keeping you cool and dry in all situations. PolyHD printing also uses less water, no paper, and far less energy than conventional printing processes. Making it a process that is about as green as it gets. PolyHD was the brainchild of two small business owners from Wisconsin. For over 40 years they have created jobs at home while continually inventing and re-inventing themselves and their processes. Now with the creation of PolyHD, they have begun to revolutionize how garment and fabric printing is done. So yes, the shirts are made in Central America, but the concept, the process and the management are all from the USA. Additionally, the jobs the process is creating are all right here. Add in the sustainable nature of the process, the multi-generational family ownership, the high quality, the educational and social opportunities related to the Great Lakes and it became a no brainer for us. We love the PolyHD process, and the families who invented it. We want to help them spread the word. So, with all of this in mind, One Fifth was born.