our brand

green 3 is a company that designs, sources, produces and markets stylish, high quality sustainable fiber apparel, accessories and soft home goods. green 3 differentiates itself from other sustainable and conventional brands by supplying a product line that focuses on:

  • Organic cotton, recycled cotton and reclaimed materials.
  • Made in the USA; from concept to end product.
  • Style; modern classics.
  • Quality construction with exceptional details and finishing.
  • Fit standards that are consistent and appropriate for our target customer.


  • Certified 100% Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton, and Pre and Post Consumer Reclaimed Materials
  • Organic agriculture is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.
  • Organic cotton crops are not sprayed with harmful chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers), which in turn help save our water, air and environment.
  • Produced with a focus on creating jobs in the markets we operate in.

print & dye:

  • No plastisol inks, which contain harmful PVC's and phthalates
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Print is part of fabric and is breathable
  • Garment-dyed with low-impact reactive dyes
  • Only biodegradable detergents used, no optical brighteners or chlorine bleach
  • Soft and durable; wash after wash


  • It takes roughly one-third of a pound of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) to grow enough conventional cotton for just one T-shirt.
  • Globally, cotton crops account for 25% of the world's insecticide use.
  • In the U.S. alone, 55 million pounds of insecticides were used on conventionally grown cotton crops.

social responsibility:

Green 3 is proud to work with organizations such Aspiro in an effort to provide jobs and life skill training for adults with cognitive disabilities.

made in the U.S.A:

  • Promoting jobs at home
  • Very short lead times
  • Ability to "read and react"
  • Reduced carbon footprint


  • Exclusive to green 3
  • Hand drawn
  • Hand painted
  • Custom logos and themes available